Abby Filer Jewellery

Hand made jewellery and glitter hair bows

Animal inspired jewellery

This collection is made up of hand cut animals, birds and wildlife. 

I hand cut each piece from sheets of silver to create unique items of jewellery. 

I am more than happy to make bespoke pieces for customers and often I take requests for different animals in my shop - Franny and Filer in Chorlton. 

Please email if you would like a bespoke piece - I have also hand cut out an array of other shapes including fairies, angels, leaves, glasses and babies. So if you would like something a bit unusual please do get in touch.

 Cat bangle - £80

hand made silver necklace
Cat pendant £50
Cat drop earrings £50

Cat pendant £50

Cat studs £50

Hedge hog studs £45

hand made silver hedgehog pendant
Hedge hog pendant £50

Bull dog drop earrings £50

Bull dog pendant £50

Bull terrier studs £50

Bull terrier pendant £50

French bull terrier drop earrings £50

French bull terrier pendant £50

Poodle pendant £50

Poodle studs £50

Sausage dog pendant £50

Sausage dog bracelet £50

Sausage dog studs £50

Scottie dog pendant £50

Scottie dog studs £45

Butterfly pendant £50

Butterfly studs £50

Bunny rabbit pendant £50

Bunny rabbit bracelet £50

Bunny rabbit studs £50

Penguin bracelet £50

Penguin drop earrings £50

Penguin pendant £50

Piggie pendant £50

Piggie studs £50

Squirell studs £50